The 12-page submitted paper (at maximum 16 pages including appendices and references) should use 12pt fonts, be anonymized, and have page numbers (e.g., using \pagestyle{plain} after the \maketitle command).

Authors should avoid specifying the paper size (i.e., do not use A4 or letter options). Submission of the paper should be in PDF format with embedded fonts (which is guaranteed when using pdflatex).

LNCS format is not recommended for initial submission, but will be required for the final version. Authors should state:

"The total length of this paper, when put in LNCS format, is at most 16 pages."

Other than the above restrictions, the format is unconstrained. However, when not using LNCS, we recommend using reasonable margins (e.g., a \textheight of 37.5cm and \textwidth of 16.5cm). The text should be printable both on letter size as well as A4 size paper (see above).

Submission instructions: Manuscripts should be submitted to: